Mental Health Support & Awareness Group (SAG)

"To me the past is Black & White but the future is always colour"

All photography by Jamaal Hattan

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Poem written by Emma

No one gives you 'get well soon's
No flowers beside your bed
No one knows quite what to do
About the illness in your head

When there's no obvious wound to focus on
It's really quite bizarre
it suddenly becomes an awkward affair
Just to ask you how you are

There's no cast to sign for depression
No chicken soup for fear
No operation to remove and heal
The voices that we hear

There's no stitches for a fractured mind
No anaesthetic for the pain
Yet mental wounds can be just as fatal
The grief is all the same

Mental illness does not cause distress
Distress is it's very core
Instead of being shunned to suffer
Don't we simply deserve more?

Don't we deserve hospital visitors
And flowers by our beds
Don't we deserve a fighting chance
For the battles in our heads!

A lecture by Patricia Deegan on recovery from mental disorders

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