Mental Health Support & Awareness Group (SAG)

"To me the past is Black & White but the future is always colour"


If you need a place where you can talk to like minded people about how you're feeling this is the place for you !

You can find the group on facebook at

At MHSAG, we are focused on providing Online Peer Support working to provide the highest levels of member satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. Below you will find the Group Guidelines:

This Group was founded on a personal, friendly and tolerant foundation, so that we can maintain this kind of environment the following Guidelines have been put in place. If, you are not able to keep to these guidelines then the group is not for you and you will be removed.
1.“Touting for Business” will not be tolerated … ANY post that attempts to promote, sell or market any type commodity WILL be removed without warning!
2.Links to other websites are allowed, but links cannot be to a site that's main goal is fundraising or to sell a product. Links should also be appropriate to the content of the site and your post. We still do not allow links to other Facebook groups. And as always, admin have the final say and the right to remove any links they deem inappropriate.
3.Respect the religious, sexual and political beliefs of all … Bullying or attacking ANYBODY because of their beliefs WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and anyone found to be in breach of this WILL be removed from the group without warning. We encourage discussion but will not accept the preaching of a religious and/or a political nature
4.*** Trigger Warnings*** ALL posts that could contain material or wording of a sensitive nature should be preceded by a ***Trigger Warning*** and an advisory note ie. self harm, Domestic Abuse/Violence, Sexual Abuse, Suicide etc.
5.At times, people may disclose thoughts of suicide and should be preceded by the fore mentioned ***TW’s*** any threat of imminent action to “end a life” WILL be treated seriously and reported to facebook and where practicable local law enforcement will be informed.
6.Please help your admin team by reporting unsupportive, bullying behaviour in the group and/or suicidal content at the SAG Reporting Page .
*** Disclaimer: It is stated on the Group Banner but just a reminder that the Founder, the Admin Team and the Family as a whole; are not professionals and any advice given is through lived experience and any advice taken is at Your own risk.

Is the group monitored: The group has a dedicated admin team of 16 people from around the world with lived experience of Mental Ill Health that volunteer to ensure it remains a safe place.


*NB If you are in crisis, feeling suicidal and/or require medical attention please call the emergency services in your area immediately or your local MH care team. Alternatively you can call any of the organisations listed opposite. Look for your region or country.